CS 170 – Introduction to Programming (Summer 2020, Summer 2021

Emory Undergrad

This course is an introduction to computer science to make serious use of the computer in course work or research.

Topics include fundamental computing concepts, general programming principles, the Unix Operating System, and the Java programming language. Emphasis will be on algorithm development with examples highlighting topics in data structures. You will gain the practical skillset needed to write interactive, graphical programs at an introductory level using JAVA. This course is the first of a two-semester sequence for computer science majors and is followed by CS171.

Each week runs from Monday to Sunday. Each assignment/deliverable has specific due dates indicated on the Course Schedule and the Course Calendar. There may be some overlap of assignments. For example, an assignment started at the beginning of a module may be due in the middle of the next module or later. You can always turn something in early!

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